We did it! Harmony Grove is a GO!

It's here!  My new album, Harmony Grove,  is in the hands of all the Kickstarter backers who pre-ordered the album.  So excited to have it up and ready to share with YOU.   The seeds that were planted for the Harmony Grove project a little over a year ago are ready for harvest!  These are twelve singable songs for you and your friends to sing together,  and it has been made possible by the investment of all who participated in my Kickstarter campaign through prayer, patience and financial investment. Thanks to all of you, my dream of making "Harmony Grove" came  true.  Can't wait for the what's-next, and to hear you singing along... So check out what's new in the store section! Check out some old favorites, too, and keep in touch!  We're seeing so many of you on the road this summer... It's been amazing.  We love you!!



"What Do You Want From Me?"

Bonjour de Paris!

Hustle and Bustle!

The adventure continues!

Here come the reviews...

Hi Craig Springs!